Thursday, January 31

Just A Thought....

I think it may be time to make a come back into the blogosphere. It's been almost a month since I've been on and I'm losing my mind. Getting more sleep but definitely losing my sanity. I have come to the realization that this blog is written more for myself than to keep hubby updated on homefront news. This is my emotional outlet and creative distraction. I love to read blogs from all of the .dot comrades out there - you are helping to keep a mother on the edge. period. You keep me from tipping over the edge. Thank you!

Frankly, I've experienced days in recent, very recent past that I was happy Monday came around and sad that I must leave to come home. You see, I think this having it all and doing it all by yourself thing is wearing a bit thin. I have a three year old, an almost thirteen year old, a stressful job, no hubby to hug @ night and a disorganized house. Uggggh! Why doesn't Calgon come and take me away?

Mommy and Daddy are coming tomorrow - hopefully they can run interference so I can drown myself in deep therapy. House Cleaning! It will also be nice to have adults in the house, I tend to believe the knowledge of just knowing there are others like me hanging out in the next room will be peace enough.


Thursday, January 3


Another year has come and gone... wow!

New Years Eve found Jerry and I spending a quiet evening at home watching movies. We rang in the New Year with bottle of champagne and watched the ball drop (recorded earlier) in Times Square. We were in bed by 12:30am.

Jerry arrived early for Christmas (by two days) and was able to help pick out the Christmas tree and enjoy pre-Christmas festivities. Watching Christmas movies is a favorite in our family - well at least for me. My sister K and my mom decorated the tree (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you) on Christmas Eve while I wrapped gifts. Mom went to bed around 2ish and K left around 5am to catch what was left of the sugar plum dreamland. I fell asleep on the couch bathed in the lights from the tree. Lucky for all of us Ben didn't wake up until later so we were able to snooze a bit longer. (1st Christmas present!)

My parents were already here at home, Jerry came early, Bekah was dropped off by her Dad early and both sisters (KandC) arrived mid morning to open gifts. By the time all had arrived, breakfast pastries were cooling on the stove and the aroma of coffee filled the house. Merriment ensued and everyone had a great time.

Jerry cooked the Christmas feast and decided to make turkey, ham, and even roast beast. My mom made a traditional Polska (polish) sausage and kraut as well. It was a wonderful time had by all!

Typically, I'm quite the obsessive compulsive Christmas decorator. Lights and holly, mistle-toe and candles. It just didn't happen this year. My house wasn't decorated or even spic & span but having Jerry home was the best Christmas present I could possibly ask for. Even though he's the one who had to point out that small tidbit.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Years Eve! I pray 2008 finds all with peace of mind, joy in your spirit and love in your heart.