Tuesday, June 10

Ninety-Three Days & Counting

We are finally on the downward trend so I am posting an update to Jerry's status over-seas. I will be sending my laptop over to him since his died a couple of days ago so I'm taking this opportunity to update all family, friends, and dot.comrades.

NMCB-17 has been working hard in the Al-Anbar province of Iraq building the 2nd largest bridge the SeaBees have ever built. Pretty cool huh - at least I think so. During the process a local Sheik visited the building site and brought food & tea a couple times a week for the troops. He loves the Americans and is grateful for the work they are doing. Specifically, a portion of the land the bridge was built on belongs to a family who has been working that land for over 200 years.I am trying to find pictures of the completed project but only the start of the project has been posted so far. Once I find something, I'll find a way to post updates as I can. Hopefully, Jerry's computer can be repaired fairly quickly so I can get mine back. Jerry has been doing well and the two month bridge project opened the opportunity for my husband to sport a mustache. Well, maybe mustache is overstating the caterpillar living on his upper lip. As I have already seen the growth via on-line video conferencing, he has since removed his facial project.

Jerry is the sailor (soldier) on the left. Hey! I guess this is a finished picture of the bridge (although you can't really see much of it).
Keep him (and us) in your prayers during this journey over the top of the hill. I look forward to the day, I can hold him in my arms and keep him all to myself for several days before returning him home to awaiting family. =)