Thursday, November 13

Wow! Long time... time for an update?

The Navy Wife is alone no more. No longer coping while hubby is away. Time to change the header.

Jerry is home. He came home (stateside) the evening of September 14th, 2008. I met him at Pt. Mugu (Magoo) late the following day, in the cool (shivering) California coast night time air. Tears, hugs, kisses and lots of hugs ensued.

I was just so very happy he was finally home safe & sound. The world is right again. I am whole again.

J is adjusting well to civilian life. Only a couple anxious moments with traffic and crowds. That and the inability for him to stop and relax. There is always some project around the house that needs to be done. I guess it's hard to stop the 24/7 life.

I will update soon. Promise.