Tuesday, August 25

Now Is The Right Time

Evidently, August 7th was NOT the right time. Nor was the 8th, 9th, 10th, and so forth and so on until today's date. Actually, not even today is the right time.

I have been trying to blog about Ben's very first day of school since about... oh... say August 7th. I seem to have issues with my camera. I guess the major issue is I can't seem to find time to download my camera. Now, I don't know where my camera is. Not a helpful situation.

So, once I find my camera and get the pictures uploaded to my camera I will blog about Ben's first two weeks of school. I can say it has been quite the two weeks!

Who out there knew, Kindergartners have homework?

I will get back on this website, with pictures, stories and hopefully my sanity. See ya soon!

Friday, August 7

I Think It Might Be Time

I think it might be time to change my blog a bit, update it, change it, maybe even start using it again!

I have realized though many days are contained in one life, you can also live life in a day. My updated blog will be about the life lived within the constraints of an every day ordinary life. From a child's cuts and scrapes to the naturzl beauty of the surrounding world.

Hmmmm..... I would appreciate thoughts and comments on the theme of the PhoenixJoaquin blogspot. Let me know.


Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

The new year rang in quietly at the Joaquin home. Comfy PJs, a sleeping hubby in my lap, favorite movie on in the background.
My New Year's wish is to enjoy quiet moments throughout the year. Be still, listen, and enjoy all that is most precious. My wish is... Love Actually.