Thursday, November 13

Wow! Long time... time for an update?

The Navy Wife is alone no more. No longer coping while hubby is away. Time to change the header.

Jerry is home. He came home (stateside) the evening of September 14th, 2008. I met him at Pt. Mugu (Magoo) late the following day, in the cool (shivering) California coast night time air. Tears, hugs, kisses and lots of hugs ensued.

I was just so very happy he was finally home safe & sound. The world is right again. I am whole again.

J is adjusting well to civilian life. Only a couple anxious moments with traffic and crowds. That and the inability for him to stop and relax. There is always some project around the house that needs to be done. I guess it's hard to stop the 24/7 life.

I will update soon. Promise.

Tuesday, June 10

Ninety-Three Days & Counting

We are finally on the downward trend so I am posting an update to Jerry's status over-seas. I will be sending my laptop over to him since his died a couple of days ago so I'm taking this opportunity to update all family, friends, and dot.comrades.

NMCB-17 has been working hard in the Al-Anbar province of Iraq building the 2nd largest bridge the SeaBees have ever built. Pretty cool huh - at least I think so. During the process a local Sheik visited the building site and brought food & tea a couple times a week for the troops. He loves the Americans and is grateful for the work they are doing. Specifically, a portion of the land the bridge was built on belongs to a family who has been working that land for over 200 years.I am trying to find pictures of the completed project but only the start of the project has been posted so far. Once I find something, I'll find a way to post updates as I can. Hopefully, Jerry's computer can be repaired fairly quickly so I can get mine back. Jerry has been doing well and the two month bridge project opened the opportunity for my husband to sport a mustache. Well, maybe mustache is overstating the caterpillar living on his upper lip. As I have already seen the growth via on-line video conferencing, he has since removed his facial project.

Jerry is the sailor (soldier) on the left. Hey! I guess this is a finished picture of the bridge (although you can't really see much of it).
Keep him (and us) in your prayers during this journey over the top of the hill. I look forward to the day, I can hold him in my arms and keep him all to myself for several days before returning him home to awaiting family. =)

Friday, May 9

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Winston Churchill once said to the british public, during the Battle of Britain, "They also serve, those who stand and wait".

Thank you to all the military spouses and families who stand and wait for their loved ones to return home.

God Bless.

Tuesday, April 29

Hey Jan - This one is for you!

From left to right - sisters K&C, Just Laura, cousins Mike & Jan

My cousin Janice visits the post periodically and reports the occasional news to everyone back home in Illinois. I thought I'd honor her with a blast from the past. Jan is on the far right - another cousin Mike is next to her.

Jan came to visit (with other family as well) one summer in 1978 (the year after we relocated to AZ). I remember all of us kids sleeping in one bedroom with the scent of vinegar lofting through the air. Someone had gotten a sunburn and vinegar was applied for the its cooling effect.

I remember singing "Oleander, Oleander, Oleander, Oleander" to the theme of Hallelujah Chorus although I'm not sure how that one got started. Parents and older cousins went to Las Vegas and all of us minors =) stayed home with Grandma Mary.

Memories from the past - Jan played clarinet in high school (When The Saints Go Marching In and Bear Necessities) and had beads hanging in her room. A yellow T-Shirt with "Dangerous Curves" written on the front. 5yr age diff between the two of us?

Good times! Love you Jan!

Monday, April 28

The Heat Is On...

98 degrees today. Triple digits are not far behind.

The worst part of the past couple weeks - allergies. I have not suffered from allergies this severe since 4th or 5th grade when we first moved to Arizona. My mom reminded me I used to be her little helper in the garden - just like Ben - until we moved. From that point on I was the inside helper.

I remember going to the nurse because I had something in my eye. At first glance the nurse thought I had pink-eye since my eyes were so red. No such luck. Allergies.

Ben wanted to play outside last week so I grabbed a book and figured he could run like a wild child while I sat peacefully with my literature. My nose (& eyes) started running but I stuck it out thinking this was the worst. An itchy face is fairly normal with my allergies - mind you I'm sitting on the patio, not rolling in the grass. A new symptom has reared it's ugly head on my face - a red rash & hives on my eye lids. Yippee!

I pray for the heat only because allergies lessen when things stop growing. And things stop growing in the dry Arizona heat of summer. Woo-hoo! ???

Monday, April 21

Welcome to the Neighborhood

With the onset of spring comes life. We have a family of baby birds living in our saguaro cactus. The saguaro has boasted several large living areas with scenic views ever since we moved into the neighborhood. I have always seen local avians coming and going but no moving vans ever showed up. This evening as I was passing by, I could hear the small cry of hungry babies.

I believe we have a woodpecker family currently housed within the skeleton of the saguaro but I'm not sure. Parents seem to be gone in the early AM as I leave for work and home serving dinner before I am.

I will try to catch up our new neighbors sometime during the week and catch a snap shot or two for posting.

Saturday, April 19


Let's see, it's been quite the busy week. This post is more of an effort of memorization so I can remember what I need to put in my letter to Jerry. So much stuff is buzzing through my head, I always forget something. This is my list.

I actually finished our taxes on the 14th, which is fairly odd for me since I usually finish the first week in February. Procrastination is a way of life for me right now. It seems every issue that rears its ugly head is more important than the last and thus pushes everything else backwards. At the last minute, taxes became the MOST important issue - DONE! Check.

We (although not together) celebrated our fourth anniversary on Wednesday. I bought a bottle of wine I did not drink and a movie I didn't watch to celebrate the evening. Let's see, Ben was not very hungry and wanted cereal so we partook of raisin bran and soy milk, bathed Ben and fell asleep around 9:30pm. Isn't romance wonderful? (hee-hee)

Started a yoga class on Tuesday. Ninety minutes of yoga in a 103 degree room with 40% humidity. Aside from the obvious, sweat, the heart was a pumpin for pretty much the entire class. Who knew Yoga could be a cardio work out. Now you have to realize, I live in a very hot area and frequently work in the yard, walk and play with kids in this kind of heat. But wow, when you attempt to control your breathing (all nasal) as well as contorting your body into different poses - whew! I love it! Skin felt great, body feels alive, brain is more alert! Lots of water and electrolytes is a must. Anyway, the second class on Thursday was much better since I knew what to expect and frankly it didn't feel quite as hot either. I think I have finally found a workout routine I actually like. Will keep you updated.

Fixed a leaky sink (replaced fixture) in the kitchen last week but one small connection on the reverse osmosis was a problem, so I've been emptying a bowl of water every day. I forgot Thursday night and didn't realize until 2am last night (Friday). The particle board underneath was somewhat wet so Ben and I went to the hardware store to purchase a new replacement piece of plywood. After pulling up the old wood, I found the original cabinet bottom had rotted through and we have a mold issue. This is definitely something thats been around for a while - not just my little leak problem. Yick! Mold creeps me out. Anyway, Ben and I went back to the hardware store so I could get bleach, gloves and an air mask so I could get to cleaning. Decided to procrastinate again and spent some quality time with Ben, bathed him and read some books before putting him down @ 9:30ish. I'll work on the mold issue tomorrow when Bekah comes home.

Thought the washing maching issue was solved a couple weeks ago but guess what? - it has taken a crap on me again. Time to replace. More $$$$$ =(

Backyard is taking shape - weeds are disappearing a little bit each week. Storage has been utilized so clutter is also vanishing. The gazebo awning does need to be replaced since the sun did quite a number on it. Didn't even last a year! Moe (tortoise) has been out & about and still comes when called for dinner. Kind of scared me one evening when I was weeding by myself and felt a slight nudge on my leg (sitting on ground). I thought I was alone - Moe had come back out of his home to visit. Who knew reptiles had personality?

Truck did not pass emissions - need to make appointment for service. Recheck emissions, register.

Trees are growing wonderfully in the backyard (grapefruit, mandarin orange & jacarunda). These are the ones planted the same day Jerry went over seas. Ben wants to plant some more "stuff" but obviously other issues are pending. Maybe next weekend. Ben is a gardener. He loves to dig holes, water plants and even help weed. I love it - he's getting so very tall and looks like Jerry more and more each day!

Bekah is becoming closer & closer to teen-hood every day. She's one month away from the big thirteen! Moody, snotty, attitudinal. Also, much more helpful, aware, self-confident. I completely forgot (selective memory) teenage years can be such a contradiction. She can be so very sweet and loving one moment and snotty and disrespectful the next. I miss her so much when she's at her Dad's house, snot & all. She'll be back tomorrow and the house will feel better.

I'm sure there's more but this is a good start. Hopefully, I can keep up with the blog (once the mold is gone) a little more regularly.

Monday, April 14

I am still here...

I've got a question for the Navy wives out there... or even the wives whose husbands are away for long periods of time.

I have come to the conclusion (just this weekend) I do not like to be home. Home is not complete without Jerry here. I am just not completely happy in this house I call home. I do not feel whole.

Is this normal?

I left for my parents house Friday evening within an hour of getting home. Packed up myself, Ben and Bear, loaded up the truck and took a drive. My parents didn't even know we were coming until I called from the road. Once there we had a great time. Ben was wonderful and we were able to spend much needed quality time together. Quality time is so much easier when all of your projects and to-do lists are 100 miles away! =)

Anyway, when Sunday evening arrived I did not want to come home. We actually woke up this morning at 5:30am and drove home this morning, unloaded the truck and ran off to work. Again, not spending too much time inside the house.

Am I losing my mind? Should I talk to someone about this?

Friday, March 21

Writing Contest

So, during my blog travels last night around the world we know as the internet I stopped off at Jen Lancaster's place - Jennsylvania. I love to stop by and visit "with" her periodically because she absolutely cracks me up. I mean, snickering so loud in a waiting room (while reading her book) patients are commenting. Quite the comic genius in her writings.

Anyhow, evidently Jen was to sick to be her normally witty and creative self so she opened up a writing contest about a personal weight story - gained, lost, whatever. 500 words or less. I figured "What the Hay?" because the prize is an autographed copy of her newest book. And as I said earlier, she cracks me up. I have to try and I love her stuff.

This is my story. Definitely not motivational. It's not good or bad but somewhat indifferent. Kind of the way I've approached by weight.

I have always obsessed over my weight and here I sit writing about my non-committal attitude towards actually doing something about it. I haven’t always been overweight. In fact, I was a “string-bean” with knobby knees all through school and still I obsessed thinking I was too skinny. Now, the bigger boobs seem to act as a counterbalance so most people don’t notice the extra weight. I do.

Whether I’m conscientiously eating a nice healthy salad or downing an entire sleeve of Thin Mint cookies I constantly think about my weight. I think about what I need to do to get back on track and lose the 25 – 30 pounds I picked up along the way. I think about trying the “Mind Over Matter Weight Management System - Just think yourself thinner!” No I’m not an idiot, but I swear it’s happened before. When I was younger it seemed all I had to do was think about losing weight and, in the words of Emeril “BAM!”, the fat just fell right off. Nowadays the exact opposite occurs, I just think about those Peanut M&Ms and through the scientific process of osmosis those M&Ms somehow show up on my thighs.

Honestly, I have started to monitor my food intake because my doctor told me I’d probably have a longer, higher quality life without all the bread and cheese. Come on! I’m a Midwestern girl these things are dietary staples. All kidding aside, my cholesterol count was too high and my triglycerides were over the top. I’ve tried to cut fried foods out as much as possible and replace them with healthier alternatives. Other than the scheduled monthly chocolate requirement, snacks now include baby carrots, tomatoes and sugar-snap peas – sans dressing. Sadly, I haven’t lost much weight with my lower (complex)carb, lower cholesterol dining habits but I have to admit I do feel better and have more energy. I think I can even feel the blood flow more freely through my arteries.

Recently, I have been mentally (not yet physically) moving myself towards that four letter word… can I say it… EXERCISE! Wait! That’s nine letters. Anyway, I already have the elliptical, Pilates machine, exercise ball as well as a variety of exercise videos so I really don’t have any excuses. Except - when do I truly have time to exert this kind of energy and move my body? Full-time job, two kids, dog and cat aside, I suppose my nightly blog activity could be completed earlier in order to go to sleep at a decent hour thus enabling an earlier start to the day and take an early morning walk. It seems feasible.

So I guess it’s time to act, set the alarm a ½ hour earlier and start moving in some form or fashion. I really don’t have to like it I just have to do it. Hey! The morning walk may even tire my ever energetic, non-stop three year old son. Now that’s incentive!

Thursday, March 20

Questions, Questions, & More Questions

  1. What color is your bra? - Black w/frisky comments in fuschia, pink, purple

  2. Do you straighten your hair everyday? - No, it's bad to do it everyday

  3. Do you worry about the size of your boobs? - Not really. However I'd like to be able to button a blouse all the way - I have to wear a tank 'cause normal shirts just don't fit over these things

  4. What’s your favorite girly magazine? -

  5. Would you kill for chocolate? - No, but I would trip them, grab the candy & run

  6. Jeans or Skirts? - Jeans.

  7. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that’s uncomfortable? - Sadly yes. I'm such a slave to fashion - HA! But yes.

  8. Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy? - Yup, my wedding day

  9. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie? - Of course

  10. Would you leave the house without makeup on? - Yeah, usually Home Depot runs

  11. Do you consider making out “unladylike”? - No way

  12. On a scale of 1-10, how fun is shopping? - Books are a definite 10

  13. Are you spoiled? - Don't think so

  14. Do you think lip gloss is the best? - Don't use it.

  15. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show? - Ya - Jericho

  16. Do you yell a lot? - Embarrassed to say Yes. @ Ben mostly. Makes me sad to admit it.

  17. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? - W/shower 1 hour, without 40 minutes, w/Ben around anywhere between 1 - 3 hours (honestly)

  18. Do you wear sweatpants/pajama pants to school/work? - No. Pajama pants in public - come on, I'm an adult.

  19. Accessories make the outfit; true or false? - True!

  20. Is pink truly the best color in the entire universe? - I love pink, but no.

  21. Lip gloss a must? - Not at all

  22. Status? - Sleepy and stupid for staying up so late

  23. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? - No.

  24. Do you often wish there was something you could change about yourself? - Yes, I'd like to finish something

  25. Gold or silver? - Both. As long as its white gold

  26. The guy that you like/love/whatever, what does his name begin with? - J

  27. Do you dress up too much for holidays? - No, though I wish I had the opportunity

  28. Do you like wearing dresses? - No, I'm with Sandi on this one. You have to sit like a lady with a dress on. Ugh!

  29. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems? - Uh, No(t anymore)

  30. What makeup could you not live without? - Bare Minerals Foundation

Tuesday, March 18

Greetings from Iraq!

Yea! Slept really well last night could be due to the blessing of wonderful dreams of Jerry =) Had warm fuzzies all day thinking of him. All in all a great day!

Praying for good dreams again.

Monday, March 17

Heart is Breaking Tonight

Recently, I have found it difficult to even visit some of the other Navy wives I frequest. Most times I receive support from their words of wisdom and even just knowing others are out there with the same circumstances is comforting. When a wife (or family) is in need I pray - I think its important people realize they are cared for and prayed over. But as I mentioned earlier, I have had a hard time visiting some of these posts.

The last few days visiting with these websites, I have come to miss my best friend even more. It seems that although I read stories from women around the country (even overseas) it makes the distances between Jerry and I so much more. More what? Real? Inconceivable? Far away? Expansive. I find it difficult to comment as I do not want my downward mood to effect others. Although here I am posting it tothe world.

I miss talking to him about the little stuff of life. The flowers blooming, the crack in the windshield, the rocks collected on walks. I think most of all I miss his presence. Just to know he was here in the house or just across the state line was bearable. An ocean? It's just too huge to comprehend.

It seems once a month (hmmmm... that seems kind of pattern like) it dawns on me how very far away he is. Sending a care package was even bittersweet. It's nice to know he will open the box and touch the same items I had touched. He'll enjoy the cookies sent and pictures Ben made for him. To see his expression when he pulls the picture of Ben's self portrait would be heaven.

This journal is my release and I'm hoping it helps enough to relieve the stress enough to enjoy a full night's sleep. Good night.

Sunday, March 16

The ULTIMATE Peep Show!

I had to keep the Peeps theme running around. I received this from one of my sisters at my work email and to see the Subject line, I was a little taken aback (same as Blog Title). I don't know who put this together but very clever indeed!

Enjoy the Peep show and check out those chicks - Wow!

Friday, March 14

I Just Knew It...

So guess what? My prediction for the spring forecast was correct (see previous blog) - I went & screwed it all up. We've been ranging the mid to low 80s for the past week(s) and its been kind of nice to work in the yard and work on some color before swimsuit season.

Weather person indicated during the news earlier this morning, "If you have outdoor stuff for the weekend, get it done on Saturday." Evidently, our high for Saturday will be around 78 and sunny (not altogether odd for AZ). But Sunday, high of 64, cloudy with chance of rain.

Maybe I should do the ultimate outdoor activity and wash my car just to clinch the inclement weather around the corner. I guess Ben and I will work on getting the backyard mowed and trimmed before grass & weeds are too high to deal with. (see the weeds over there under Ben's right hand - it's in his sandbox)

For those of you with temps below 64 - I do not mock our low temps or believe them to be even close to yours. I just don't want to give up my shorts so soon - I was kind of enjoying the shorts and tank weather.

Thursday, March 13

Spring Has Arrived

Now that I have absolutely jinxed the entire spring process for the Sonoran Desert...

It is spring here in the SW Desert known as Sonora. My job frequently takes me to different places throughout the state and I love this area. Yes, the summer is hot, sweltering hot but as they say it is a dry heat and as long as you drink lots of water survival is easy. Anyhow, my travels are very routine and frankly the sometimes 3 hour one way drives can get monotonous to say the least. I have taken to looking at the map and trying to differ my routes to various state highways and other roads.

Earlier this week, I took my camera with me and was able to snap a couple pictures of spring taking over the hills. Poppies cover numerous hillsides and bright purple, yellow and red flowers color the local roadways. I am always impressed by the palette of vibrant colors available for my senses to experience here in the desert. Aside from the recent cool weather (mid 80s), spring is the best time to experience the Sonoran Desert.

As I travel throughout the state, I will bring my camera and hopefully introduce my readers to the wonders of my home. Soon, our state tree, the Palo Verde (spanish for green stick) will start to bloom and I'll do my best to show them in their glory.

Wednesday, March 12

A Couple of Weeks Ago... (Part II)

(continued from March 9, 2008 posting)
So Ben and I climbed aboard a train earlier in the morning and arrived in Oxnard, CA later in the evening. As noted Jerry and I had wonderful Alaskan Cod from a small restaurant in Ventura, fell asleep and woke up the next morning together.

After Jerry headed off for another day of duty, Ben and I remained in bed asleep for a couple more hours. Rested, showered and dressed for a cool California day we awaited Jerry's return to our hotel room. He arrived later that morning and we all headed to the Santa Barbara zoo. Upon seeing the ocean and filling my senses with a cool ocean breeze all of the stress from the previous four months were blown away by that same breeze. I miss the smell and constant sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. Anyway, I digress.

Sadly, the day was cloudy, windy and from time to time fairly rainy. We strolled through the zoo enjoying the cool breezes and exotic animals prowling about. Giraffes, gibbons, leopards, parrots, elephants and numerous other mammels and amphibiens were on hand to attract the attention of our excitable three year old. Ben is partial to otters. We aren't sure why but he absolutely loves otters and it doesn't matter what zoo he's in the otters hold his typically sound-byte length attention.

My amazement was held by the lush greenery and tropical flowers through out the zoo. I couldn't get enough of the colors and waxy looking petals. In fact, the family was separated several times due to my photo safari through out the afternoon. In a matter of seconds my men would be around the corner and up the next hill before I even noticed they were gone. Hmmmmm.... alone time? Okay, I have to say I wasn't in a hurry to catch up. In fact, I wasn't in a hurry at all the entire time we were in California.

Once the rain started to fall a little harder and for longer periods of time we decided to pack it in and find a place to eat. But not before visiting the nearby beach. Ben fell asleep in the car so I kicked off my tennies, rolled up my pants and went for a walk. Jerry hung back in the truck just in case Ben woke up while I splashed in the cold surf. Again, even more stress was released from both body & mind.

Jerry drove us "home" to Ventura and he introduced us to Ericsson's Ventura, California. The restaurant itself is located on the boardwalk over the beach. From what I understand the restaurant was originally situated at the end of the pier but was beaten by the watery fury of mother nature. Waves. =) Anyway, our evening began on the deck of the bar with a couple of cocktails and some wonderful calamari (Ben's favorite). Once the restaurant opened we were seated at a window table in the corner - one hundred and eighty degrees of ocean beauty. Aside from the antics of an extremely tired 3 year old who refused to sit in his chair, dinner was wonderful.

Again, we ended up in the hotel room, as a family, getting ready for bed. We snuggled, slept comfortably until the next morning when once again we awoke... together.

FYI - for more pictures from our trip (and others) click here for photos by Just Laura. They are a little disorganized but there for enjoyment by all.

Tuesday, March 11

News from abroad

Jerry called this morning. He has arrived at his final destination since leaving the states 2 weeks ago. He is well but very tired. Long duty days. Chow is great where he's at. The ever loved iPod has gone missing after the long trip. Currently in tents but will be housed in 2 man rooms. Once he's at "home" he'll set up the computer so we can visit together via web-cam and read books to Ben.

Keep your prayers coming!

Get Well Soon

Virtual flowers for an online dot.comrade. From a real bouquet @ friends party.
Hope you are up and around the LemonadeStand soon.

Monday, March 10

A Couple of Weeks Ago... (Part I)

So... I lied. It is now March 10th and I'm just getting to this. My bags aren't even unpacked yet - does that help?

A couple of weeks ago Ben and I boarded a train @ 2:30 in the morning in order to visit Jerry for Family Weekend. At 2:32 we climb aboard the sleeper car with way too many carry ons, change for bed and sit to watch the moonlit scenery whiz past the windows of our car. Much to my disdain Ben is way too excited to sleep and keeps making comments about the view. In order to paint a better picture he is on the top bunk peeking through a one inch gap between his mattress and the window. Yak, yak, yak - I seem to recall a time when I was waiting (& wanting) my baby boy to say his first words. After several pleadings I have somehow cajoled Ben into remaining quiet for 20 minutes. Once an acceptable amount of time has passed and I'm positive he's sleeping, I relax enough for sleep to wash over me.

Jolted out of the falling asleep feeling is a tiny voice calling out "Mama, me sleep with you?". What can I say? My 24" bunk has way too much room for me to sleep comfortably. The rest of the night, I am perched on the edge of the bunk on my side while sleepy noises come from the foot side of my bunk. At least someone got a good nights rest - even though it was only for 3 hours.

Around 6:30 I woke up to a beach side view. Am I on the wrong train? No, we were passing by the Salton Sea - heard of it but never saw it before. Ben wakes up shortly after and wants to go for a walk. We dress and head to breakfast in the dining car. Fully re-fueled we are touring the train and take a rest in the lounge car. Ben is quite impressed with the full-wall windows rising into the ceiling. Took a nap in our car - both of us. Yea!

After switching trains in Los Angeles we begin the meandering trip up the coast in our commuter train. Stopping every 15-20 minutes and sitting in coach. At this point the train effect still has hold of Ben but he's definitely antsy. I liked our little room in which we could hole up & relax. Anyhow, we arrive in Oxnard around 4:30ish. Jerry picked us up and took us and all of our cargo to the hotel room.

Once Jerry was off duty we went to wharf in Ventura to order fish & chips. I have to say the fish would have been better hot but I must say this was the best fish I've ever eaten, even cold. Ben fell asleep on the way. Jerry and I fell asleep a little while later.

The best part of this first day was waking up with Jerry. Even at 0500 since duty calls early.

Tuesday, February 26

Just a couple of things....

  1. Thank you for the replies to the previous post regarding monster 3 year old issues. I do appreciate the help and will try both milk substitute (already started) and mommy time outs.
  2. What is "Meme"? I see it everywhere and don't quite understand.
  3. Will update blog starting tonight - just got back from CA, hubby "ships out" Saturday. =(

Friday, February 15

Calling all Moms - Help!

The household is complete and at peace (not literally). Jerry is home on leave for the weekend.

I went to work this morning, late but nonetheless there, and Jerry decided to hang with Ben. Ben decided not to leave his papa out of site. He asked him earlier this morning "you go bye-bye gain?". Papa told him the truth and said he wouldn't leave for a few days. They made breakfast together, did laundry (yea!) and went to Toys R Us. McDonald's lunch was on the menu and it was there Ben decided to make a stand. Against Papa!

He wouldn't listen, decided he would do anything he wanted whenever he wanted and posed fits of... well, we'll just say fits. Papa decided it was time to come home and take a nap. Ben was not happy with the situation but laid down in bed while Jerry laid on the couch. Jerry awoke about 40 minutes later to find Ben in bed with an entire plate of Valentine's day cupcakes. He was licking the frosting off and throwing the cake part across the room. He also hid the cell phone on which I had left messages earlier and who knows what else. Sadly, Jerry got a small taste of what it has been like since he's been gone.

When I arrived home, Ben was in bed - not quite sleeping I might note. But throwing pillows, blankets and diapers around his room. Good news - the diapers were new. Bad news - the diapers were new. Did I mention, he wasn't wearing pants (or a diaper)? Ben... not Jerry. I got him re-dressed and he is now in the living room playing a video game while Papa attempts to nap on the couch. At least I'm hoping he's still playing quietly.

Suggestions for an unruly 3 year old? Definitely thinking about switching to soy and away from milk at this point. I need to try something as timeouts and spanking doesn't seem to work.


Friday, February 1

Adults are In The House

I'm not sure if anyone out there can appreciate the feeling of relief knowing, when you get home from work, other adults are waiting for your return. Words escape me at this very moment so I am unable to explain.

My parents are here. I had an awful day, evening and night Wednesday, called them on Thursday and pleaded for help. They are here and I am truly blessed to have two parents come to my rescue. Much was accomplished tonight. Grandpa helped with discipline. Grandma helped in the kitchen. Bekah helped in the living room. I continued with the never ending piles of laundry. Family at it's best.

Only one thing could have made it better. Jerry. Although, if Jerry were here, a rescue would be unnecessary - I think... Anyway, to keep you all updated - Jerry is still in training and we will be headed over for Family Weekend at the end of the month. His battallion leaves shortly after that weekend and thus starts his tour of duty. It's an odd sensation to realize your other half won't be just a phone call away. Surreal actually. Uncomprehensible.

Yesterday, I read (on a friend's desk) "Faith makes all things possible. Not easy." So very true - I know we will make it through this season with God's grace. Please pray for Jerry's safety, my sanity, and both kid's sense of family.


Thursday, January 31

Just A Thought....

I think it may be time to make a come back into the blogosphere. It's been almost a month since I've been on and I'm losing my mind. Getting more sleep but definitely losing my sanity. I have come to the realization that this blog is written more for myself than to keep hubby updated on homefront news. This is my emotional outlet and creative distraction. I love to read blogs from all of the .dot comrades out there - you are helping to keep a mother on the edge. period. You keep me from tipping over the edge. Thank you!

Frankly, I've experienced days in recent, very recent past that I was happy Monday came around and sad that I must leave to come home. You see, I think this having it all and doing it all by yourself thing is wearing a bit thin. I have a three year old, an almost thirteen year old, a stressful job, no hubby to hug @ night and a disorganized house. Uggggh! Why doesn't Calgon come and take me away?

Mommy and Daddy are coming tomorrow - hopefully they can run interference so I can drown myself in deep therapy. House Cleaning! It will also be nice to have adults in the house, I tend to believe the knowledge of just knowing there are others like me hanging out in the next room will be peace enough.


Thursday, January 3


Another year has come and gone... wow!

New Years Eve found Jerry and I spending a quiet evening at home watching movies. We rang in the New Year with bottle of champagne and watched the ball drop (recorded earlier) in Times Square. We were in bed by 12:30am.

Jerry arrived early for Christmas (by two days) and was able to help pick out the Christmas tree and enjoy pre-Christmas festivities. Watching Christmas movies is a favorite in our family - well at least for me. My sister K and my mom decorated the tree (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you) on Christmas Eve while I wrapped gifts. Mom went to bed around 2ish and K left around 5am to catch what was left of the sugar plum dreamland. I fell asleep on the couch bathed in the lights from the tree. Lucky for all of us Ben didn't wake up until later so we were able to snooze a bit longer. (1st Christmas present!)

My parents were already here at home, Jerry came early, Bekah was dropped off by her Dad early and both sisters (KandC) arrived mid morning to open gifts. By the time all had arrived, breakfast pastries were cooling on the stove and the aroma of coffee filled the house. Merriment ensued and everyone had a great time.

Jerry cooked the Christmas feast and decided to make turkey, ham, and even roast beast. My mom made a traditional Polska (polish) sausage and kraut as well. It was a wonderful time had by all!

Typically, I'm quite the obsessive compulsive Christmas decorator. Lights and holly, mistle-toe and candles. It just didn't happen this year. My house wasn't decorated or even spic & span but having Jerry home was the best Christmas present I could possibly ask for. Even though he's the one who had to point out that small tidbit.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Years Eve! I pray 2008 finds all with peace of mind, joy in your spirit and love in your heart.