Tuesday, February 26

Just a couple of things....

  1. Thank you for the replies to the previous post regarding monster 3 year old issues. I do appreciate the help and will try both milk substitute (already started) and mommy time outs.
  2. What is "Meme"? I see it everywhere and don't quite understand.
  3. Will update blog starting tonight - just got back from CA, hubby "ships out" Saturday. =(

Friday, February 15

Calling all Moms - Help!

The household is complete and at peace (not literally). Jerry is home on leave for the weekend.

I went to work this morning, late but nonetheless there, and Jerry decided to hang with Ben. Ben decided not to leave his papa out of site. He asked him earlier this morning "you go bye-bye gain?". Papa told him the truth and said he wouldn't leave for a few days. They made breakfast together, did laundry (yea!) and went to Toys R Us. McDonald's lunch was on the menu and it was there Ben decided to make a stand. Against Papa!

He wouldn't listen, decided he would do anything he wanted whenever he wanted and posed fits of... well, we'll just say fits. Papa decided it was time to come home and take a nap. Ben was not happy with the situation but laid down in bed while Jerry laid on the couch. Jerry awoke about 40 minutes later to find Ben in bed with an entire plate of Valentine's day cupcakes. He was licking the frosting off and throwing the cake part across the room. He also hid the cell phone on which I had left messages earlier and who knows what else. Sadly, Jerry got a small taste of what it has been like since he's been gone.

When I arrived home, Ben was in bed - not quite sleeping I might note. But throwing pillows, blankets and diapers around his room. Good news - the diapers were new. Bad news - the diapers were new. Did I mention, he wasn't wearing pants (or a diaper)? Ben... not Jerry. I got him re-dressed and he is now in the living room playing a video game while Papa attempts to nap on the couch. At least I'm hoping he's still playing quietly.

Suggestions for an unruly 3 year old? Definitely thinking about switching to soy and away from milk at this point. I need to try something as timeouts and spanking doesn't seem to work.


Friday, February 1

Adults are In The House

I'm not sure if anyone out there can appreciate the feeling of relief knowing, when you get home from work, other adults are waiting for your return. Words escape me at this very moment so I am unable to explain.

My parents are here. I had an awful day, evening and night Wednesday, called them on Thursday and pleaded for help. They are here and I am truly blessed to have two parents come to my rescue. Much was accomplished tonight. Grandpa helped with discipline. Grandma helped in the kitchen. Bekah helped in the living room. I continued with the never ending piles of laundry. Family at it's best.

Only one thing could have made it better. Jerry. Although, if Jerry were here, a rescue would be unnecessary - I think... Anyway, to keep you all updated - Jerry is still in training and we will be headed over for Family Weekend at the end of the month. His battallion leaves shortly after that weekend and thus starts his tour of duty. It's an odd sensation to realize your other half won't be just a phone call away. Surreal actually. Uncomprehensible.

Yesterday, I read (on a friend's desk) "Faith makes all things possible. Not easy." So very true - I know we will make it through this season with God's grace. Please pray for Jerry's safety, my sanity, and both kid's sense of family.