Thursday, February 25

Rambling (rollin', rollin', rollin', ...)

I MUST blog.  I crave blogging.  I miss blogging.  Why you might ask?  Therapy.  Blogging is my therapy.  Blogging gets the stuff out of my head and on a blank page.  I cannot write in a diary.  Not literally but I just do not have the discipline to sit down every night and write out what I believe to be my "oh, so insightful thoughts". I have 13 separate journals, diaries, notebooks or whatever you want to call them, all over the house, with only 2-5 pages of writing in each.    So now on with the therapeutic rambling.

What is today?  I'm pretty sure today is Thursday but I cannot be 100% because it feels like a Monday or maybe Tuesday.  Wednesday?  The days have been running together for the past two weeks.  Way too busy at work.  Way too busy at home.  Between kids at school, reading as homework everynight, parent/teacher conferences and a Kindergarten "research" paper - Good Grief!  No wonder the people of our wonderful country are so stressed out.

Do you remember that old commercial for Calgon?  I think it was a water softener or bubble bath, anyway something to that extent.  I wish, hope and pray for Calgon to take me away every single day.  Now don't get me wrong, life is great.  Actually quite wonderful in fact but everything is running together.  Maybe that's a hint for exercise, you know, running.  Nah!

Kids are good, hubby is good, I'm good except my body seems to be rebelling.  Too much stress I think.  Refresh my memory, how did I handle this same amount of activity 10 years ago?  Psoriasis has been my major issue as of late.  Started in July - dermatologist finally confirmed my original suspicion this week.  Hmmmm?  Maybe I should "practice" medicine.  Back to my skin...they say psoriasis is brought on by stress. Hmm?  Anyhow, new diagnosis, new medicine so now my skin seems to be finally getting better with the prescribed medicinal ointment.  Yay! No more lizard skin!

Also abdominal issues.  Pain in lower right abdomen.  Nope, not appendix.  The "practicing" doctors have taken all of the tests, taken much of my blood, poked, prodded (ouch!) and looked inside via MRI and sonogram.  This situation cannot be seen like the skin probs but good grief there are times when the knife like pain is worse than contractions.

I have a new hobby in Facebooking.  Reconnected with so many friends from High School and elementary school.  It truly is amazing how you lose contact with your "best" friends of the time.  Will be heading to hometown this weekend for a HS Reunion Happy Hour.  Can't believe its been 25 years!

Have a new boss.  He's absolutely great because he is housed out of Vegas.  We communicate via email mostly and he's kind of wordy like I am.  This boss seems to be able to keep me engaged at work, without hanging over my shoulder (figuritively), and is motivational through his encouragement.

Let's see, what else has changed?  Still have Bear (dog) and Sassy Cat.  Hubby bought Ben a 35 gallon fish tank so new fish are always showing up to replace those that have moved on to that great reef in the sky.  Normally known as a toilet.  Also rescued a cat when I decided to visit the animals behind the glass wall.  Animal lovers beware!  This is a bad idea.  You will fall in love with the biggest cat that puts his arms around you, like a hug, and purrs like a Mac truck.  Frankly, this was the best decision I have made in a long time - because he's mine and I love him dearly.  He snores when he sleeps too.

I feel better.  Thank you for reading and listening.  I am off to bed for what I hope to be a restful night.  Sleep well and sweet dreams fellow dot comrads.

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Lemon Stand said...

A blog is always a wonderful place to get things off your chest (and out of your mind).